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Factory price rock slate bathroom cabinet with towel shelf rock slate bathroom vanity cabinet with LED mirror and ceramic basin

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Material: Our slate bathroom cabinets are made of natural stone and high-quality hardware. The material is specially treated with a smooth and delicate surface. It not only has extremely high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and water resistance, but also has a certain fireproof function. And of course, less susceptible to stains and corrosion.

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The bathroom cabinet made of slate is the new darling of bathroom decoration today. It not only has many characteristics such as wear resistance, waterproof, seepage prevention, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance, but also has very good decorative effects. It is an important choice for bathroom decoration. Our bathroom cabinets of this series are made of slate material. Let me introduce to you as follows:
1.Application: In addition to being durable and beautiful, our slate bathroom cabinets are also suitable for different kinds of bathroom spaces, because the models and sizes we provide are very diverse, which can fully meet your different needs.
2. Details: We are well versed in quality, and we provide users with more comprehensive supporting functions during design, such as internal structure design, special accessories and other technological innovations, making our slate bathroom cabinets more comfortable, practical, and Durable and beautiful.
3. Environmental protection: when we produce this series of slate bathroom cabinets, we always pay attention to environmental protection and energy saving. Health is a threat.
In a word, putting our slate bathroom cabinet in your bathroom can not only bring you fashion and comfort, but also durable and beautiful, and more importantly, it can bring you healthy living environment. We always believe that our product quality and service quality will be highly recognized by you.


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