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High quality free standing bathroom cabinet with led light

Short Description:

1. Thickened stainless steel sheet, waterproof, moisture-proof and environmental protection, skin touch, delicate and smooth, waterproof strength.

2. Curved anti-collision round corner, newly upgraded double protection safety, 3D three-dimensional anti-collision, curved cylinder design, intimate cabinet body arc.

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All matching beige, warm and comfortable, simple and elegant. The design caters to the new generation's aesthetic, the cabinet with large areas of solid color and clean lines design makes the style present low-key, comfortable and elegant. New upgraded rounded corner basin bathroom cabinet, simple smooth smooth line design, showing fine and delicate texture, safe rounded corners, to prevent injury during use. Repeated version improvement, from sharp corners to rounded corners constantly grinding to reduce safety risks.


Using rounded ceramic basin, rounded cutting design anti-collision, embedded arc waterproof edge, water does not overflow. Widened ceramic one basin, practical and convenient, white glaze, one molding, high temperature firing, no cracking no deformation, self-cleaning glaze, easier to care. Seamless design, no dirt, easy to clean, stains do not penetrate and not easy to yellow. Bigger and deeper pool, easier to use, water will not splash. Stainless steel is not afraid of water corrosion, waterproof and mildew resistant, paint-free coating technology, away from formaldehyde pollution. Green plate, more environmentally friendly, more healthy.


HD smart mirror cabinet, one key intelligent fog removal, open a new intelligent experience. A touch control, intelligent fog removal, LED natural soft light, strong fog removal ability, the original light does not deform, true restoration of human images.

Luxury large pump, can reasonably plan space, flexible planning every inch of space, large capacity storage, partition storage, orderly storage. The hidden handle fits better with the hand, and the finger fits better when opening the door. Dark pull design, from the root to solve the problem of collision injury. Light sound hinge, gently push automatic suction, silent opening and closing. Buffer slide rail, buffer anti-clamp, silent smooth. The bottom space of the hanging cabinet can be used to put large items such as washbasins.

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