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Analysis of freestanding bathroom cabinets and combination bathroom cabinets

A freestanding bathroom cabinet is a bathroom cabinet that can be used on its own and is not very different from a general cabinet that can be purchased and used directly, but this type of bathroom cabinet obviously requires a lot of space. Bathroom cabinets on the market at present are basically of the combination type, in addition to the basic cabinet also includes a pedestal basin, shelves, or even a set of wall cabinets, sometimes need to be customized according to the specific circumstances of their own home in the manufacturer.
Enclosed bathroom cabinets and open bathroom cabinets
Enclosed bathroom cabinets are of course tightly packed cabinets cabinets, with a good sealing effect, in the dry climate of the The northern part of the country and dusty places are the most suitable. Open plan Bathroom cabinets usually have only shelves and racks, no cabinet and doors, which are visually transparent and can be used as a display It is suitable for wet and clean spaces and It is suitable for wet and clean environments and requires regular care by a diligent owner.

Floor standing bathroom cabinets and wall mounted bathroom cabinets
Floor standing bathroom cabinets sit directly on the floor and are suitable for for wet and dry bathrooms where there is plenty of space If you prefer this type and have space constraints If you prefer this type of bathroom cabinet but have space limitations, you can choose a bathroom cabinet with castors. Wall mounted Wall mounted bathroom cabinets are fixed to the wall, saving The biggest advantage is that it is easy to clean and has no The biggest advantage is that it is easy to clean and there are no dead spots.



In bathrooms without external openings, the humidity in the bathroom is generally between 35% and 50% under ventilated conditions, and after a shower, the humidity can reach up to 95%. The higher humidity environment requires the furniture in the bathroom to stand up to the test. According to the introduction, high-end bathroom furniture in the selection of basic materials to solid wood, moisture-proof board, density board as the substrate, to the sophisticated surface treatment process to resist the temperature, humidity and UV attacks, to ensure that the substrate long-term use in the bathroom, will not crack deformation.

Post time: Jan-31-2023