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Analysis of the demand for bathroom products

Bathroom products are functional products for people to solve physiological and psychological problems, modern people due to the quality of life has improved, and consumers’ requirements for products are becoming more and more extensive. In the rapidly developing social environment, people are not only satisfied with food and clothing, but also require their own use of products more humane, eager to convey their own emotions, to enhance their own high-quality bathroom products. In the design of bathroom products, full consideration should be given to the behavioural characteristics of the population, as the bones of the elderly as they grow older and lower, the body functions degenerate, will increase the risk of bumping and slipping the risk of falling, in the design of bathroom products need to consider the behavioural characteristics of the elderly. For young people, life is fast-paced and they are eager to live a comfortable, simple and relaxed lifestyle. Bathroom products should be designed with a simple, more humane design. As children grow up, they will as children grow up, their physical co-ordination gradually increases, so designers can add a caring design to the design.The design of products from the perspective of children. Bathroom products have undergone a transformation from the original to the intelligent, bathroom products are no longer just toilets and washbasins such a single toilet and washbasin such a single product, hand dryer, shower room, bathtub, bathroom accessories, etc. are belong to the bathroom product range. The development of sanitary products is not only the increase in the range of appliances increase in the quality of aspects also have a great breakthrough in the design not only to meet the physiological needs, but at the same time, people must also enjoy life and the pursuit of health into the concept of sanitary products. On this basis, the intelligence, technology and humanity into the product to enhance the bathroom experience of the product, to enhance the comfort of the furniture bathroom space, to provide consumers with a better life and consumption experience.


Application of intelligent technology in bathroom products

1.Intelligent overview

Intelligence refers to the properties of objects that are driven by modern advanced technology and can The property of satisfying various human needs. With the rapid development of “5G” technology, China will soon enter. With the rapid development of “5G” technology, China will soon enter the era of “Internet of Everything”. The so-called “intelligence” refers to the ability to carry out a variety of tasks in relation to the mechanics of the human brain.The “intelligence” is the ability to process problems and to draw on the mind to analyse and react to things in a mode of movement relative to that of the human brain.It is a manifestation of the ability to process problems and to draw on the mind to analyse and respond to things. As time progresses, the definition of intelligence must also change with the times.

2.Intelligent technology applied to bathroom products

Intelligent technology includes induction technology, intelligent automatic sterilisation technology, constant temperature technology, touch control technology and face recognition technology, these intelligent technologies are well combined with bathroom products.These intelligent technologies are well integrated with the bathroom products and are more in line with the consumers’ sense of use. Automatic, infrared sensing technology, which plays a huge role in modern society, especially in the detection of equipment,role in modern society, especially in the detection of equipment, infrared induction technology has better performance and sensitivity. Infrared technology is also used in bathroom products. Infrared technology is also used extensively in sanitary products Infra-red technology is also widely used in sanitary products, i.e. the water is automatically dispensed before the hand touches the product, making the design more humane.The induction squatting toilet flushes automatically when people leave; the induction toilet opens automatically when people walk in; in public places, hand sanitiser can be used by hand.In public places, hand sanitizer can be automatically discharged by hand sensing. Bathroom sensor products are used in

When used in public places, the contactless use of sanitary products can effectively avoid bacterial cross-infection and it is more hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Post time: Mar-02-2023