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Bathroom cabinet maintenance tips

A suitable bathroom cabinet, both to enhance the bathroom aesthetics, but also to achieve practical storage bathroom, looking at the neat bathroom space, people’s mood also followed up. But the bathroom cabinet is also a bathroom more delicate sanitary ware, if you do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance will soon be “old and decaying”, even the quality and use of the function will also be greatly reduced, take a look at how the bathroom cabinet for the overall maintenance of it.

Understand the characteristics of the bathroom cabinet surface material to distinguish the focus of maintenance
Bathroom cabinet surface materials are diverse, natural materials such as stone, ceramic, solid wood, density board, metal chemical materials are PVC, acrylic, stainless steel, etc., different surface materials of the bathroom cabinet should be distinguished maintenance

Stone-ceramic surface material: prevent blind cleaning, configuration using soft water care
Artificial stone / natural stone, ceramic is commonly used bathroom cabinet surface materials, cleaning according to the variety of stone and ceramic, the use of the environment, the main source of pollution to choose the appropriate cleaning agent and cleaning methods. If you do not understand the specific circumstances and blindly choose cleaning agents will cause stone damage, deterioration, yellowing, black and other different consequences.

Understand the characteristics of the bathroom cabinet surface material to distinguish the focus of maintenance
Daily use of porcelain stone bathroom cabinet to try to configure the use of soft water, to avoid hard water in the stone, ceramic surface left deposits. Want to further care to stone, ceramic for the face material of the bathroom cabinet, you can also use penetrating stone protective agent regular maintenance, in addition to natural stone to build the bathroom cabinet countertop can also be polished regularly.

Solid wood: anti-cracking deformation, wet and dry separation is better
Solid wood for the body of the bathroom cabinet is now also the bathroom in the regular guests, wood bathroom sanitary ware primary prevention of dry crack deformation, maintenance should be diluted detergent, more moist cotton rags along the wood texture often inside and outside sassafras wipe.


Wooden bathroom cabinets have relatively harsh requirements for the environment in the bathroom, that is, wet and dry separation, the shower and other areas better phase separation, weekdays to avoid direct sunlight to prevent the wood local dry cracking, deformation and local discoloration of the paint film. When storing cleaning products in the cabinet, it is better to put a plastic pad or small square towel underneath for easy cleaning.

PVC, acrylic surface material: beware of material softening, timely cleaning is important
PVC bathroom cabinets due to the use of PVC materials and other materials, waterproof performance and popular, but the PVC itself to prevent material softening deformation, so PVC bathroom cabinets should be used on a regular basis away from the 70 temperature above the heat source, to avoid stagnant water for a long time on the countertop, all benzene solvents and resin solvents should not do panel cleaners, otherwise long-term deformation will occur.
Acrylic bathroom products are more popular bathroom materials in recent years, in fact, acrylic is the agricultural production system glass. Acrylic bathroom cabinets must be cleaned in a timely manner, especially with the washbasin connected to the bathroom cabinet, or the accumulation of dirt is difficult to clean damage bathroom cabinet life. In addition, acrylic material is more difficult to resist the erosion of paint and some agricultural production system solvent, if the agricultural production system solvent stained surface, but also to pay attention to timely processing.


Metal surfaces: anti-corrosion, do not use sharp materials to clean the surface
Metal bathroom cabinets are not common, mainly stainless steel and magnesium-aluminium bathroom cabinets. Metal corrosion prevention work is the primary focus of conservation, metal bathroom cabinets do not pry up the surface metal decorative materials, avoid using sharp materials such as steel wire balls and corrosive liquid cleaning metal objects on the surface.

Bathroom cabinet metal surface if stains, available thin bamboo gently scraped, and then wipe with vinegar cotton yarn, do not use blades and other sharp objects scraped, so as not to damage the metal layer.

Daily use of friction inevitably will scratch the surface of the bathroom cabinet, ceramic surface scratches, can be coated with a little toothpaste at the scratch, with a soft dry cloth repeatedly wipe, and then wax, can make the surface smooth as new; stone countertop scratches can be used more than 800 # sandpaper or Paste cloth with water gently wipe, you can restore the original state. If the bathroom cabinet lacquer scratches, not touching the wood under the paint, available with the same cabinet colour crayon or pigment, in the cabinet trauma coated to cover the exposed base colour, and then transparent nail polish thinly coated on a layer can be.





Post time: Feb-16-2023