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Ceramic material bathroom sanitary ware three strokes to see quality

Because summer often appear too high temperature, too dry or too much rain, too humid extreme weather phenomenon. Therefore, has not been considered a good season for home improvement. In fact, summer construction as long as attention to some important matters, can also avoid quality problems. Here, I especially for you to search for the summer construction of the decoration information, I hope to be able to help you in this summer to install a satisfactory home!

Bathroom is the head of the decoration, ceramic sanitary ware is the bathroom of the most critical products, its purchase andsupporting particularly important.

Ceramic sanitary ware varieties of purchase

Ceramic sanitary ware main varieties oftoilets, women’s washers, washers, washing troughs, dunnage pools, toilet paper boxes, soap boxes, etc., the current market ceramic sanitary ware brand many, the quality of the grade difference is large, the price difference is huge. Selection should first have a sense of matching, first determine their own expectations to achieve the standard, each component or accessory in the kit should be in the same grade level.

Determine the toilet’s drainage andinstallation size

Before purchasing the toilet must first measure the distance from the center of the outlet from the wall (under the drainage method) or distance from the ground (after the drainage method), in order to determine the purchase of the toilet is under the drainage or after the drainage structure, the choice of the same drainage method and the installation of the appropriate size of the toilet, in order to install. Toilet seat drain wall distance size should be equal to or slightly less than the bathroom drain wall distance (under the drainage way); Toilet seat drain distance from the ground should be equal to or slightly higher than the height of the bathroom drain (after the drainage way).

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Matching products style and color must match

The number of ceramic pieces of bathroom more than one, several pieces of ceramic products such as toilets, washbasin, soap box, hand towel box, dunnage pool and other modeling color only consistent or close to be harmonious and beautiful.

Careful selection can meet

Selection of ceramic sanitary ware should be grasped can meet with the different requirements of the non-visible: can meet refers to the installation of ceramic parts, people can easily see the surface, can meet the quality should be strictly controlled, especially in the use of water can be splashed wet parts of the quality is more important, and the installation of invisible surfaces of its quality do not be too picky.

Appearance quality three judgment

(1) whether there is cracking: with a fine rod to tap the edge of the porcelain to hear whether the sound is crisp, when there is a ‘hoarse’ sound to prove that the porcelain cracks.

(2) the size of the deformation: the porcelain on a flat platform, all directions of activity to check whether it is smooth and proportional, the installation surface and the edge of the surface of the porcelain is flat, the installation of holes is uniformly rounded.

(3) glaze quality: the glaze must be fine and smooth, uniform and consistent glaze color. Can meet, especially water can splash wet glaze quality is particularly important, in the glaze with a few drops of colored liquid with a cloth to wipe uniformly, a few seconds after drying with a damp cloth, check the glaze, no dirty spots for the best.

Porcelain and waterabsorption, toilet and sewage, water consumption, noise, water seal function and other performance requirements, these properties are generally difficult for consumers to check the judgment, should try to buy products with quality and reputation assurance, access to the product certified by the relevant state departments recognized stamped with the CMA chapter of the recent valid quality inspection reports.

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Post time: Oct-22-2023