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Decoration have to see bathroom cabinet installation height knowledge

After the purchase of bathroom cabinets, the installation process can not be less careful, after the moisture-proof treatment of stainless steel or aluminum products for bath cabinets, so that the resistance to moisture erosion will be strong. Before purchasing, check the opening degree of the cabinet hinge, the more accurate the hinge, the cabinet door will close the tighter, the dust is less likely to go in. Choose a bathroom cabinet with many drawers, it is convenient to put small sundries. When selecting the style of bathroom cabinet to pay attention to whether to protect the access to the water pipe and the opening of the valve. Installation of bathroom cabinets should be careful not to damage the water inlet and outlet pipes, otherwise the cabinet will be soaked in the use of water leakage.

Bathroom decoration have to see bathroom cabinet installation height knowledge
Do not think that after the installation of bathroom cabinets on the end, usually in the use of the process also need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of bathroom cabinets, so that time is long, bathroom cabinets can be bright as new to make people feel comfortable.


1, log cabinets do not need special waterproof, as long as the bathroom to keep the air flowing. Bathroom cabinet maintenance principle is to maintain fresh ventilation,wet and dry separation, usually should try to keep the bathroom air flow, and develop the habit of opening windows and doors.

2, bath cabinet will often be placed on some cleaning supplies, outflow of detergent is best to immediately clear off, or in the cleaning supplies below a layer of isolation pad.

3, the bath cabinet has been specially treated with waterproof and moisture-proof function, but the same taboo water rinse, usually gently wipe with a slightly damp cloth can be, so as not to accumulate water corrosion. Maintenance of the best use of cleaners neutral, bathroom handy toothpaste is also a good stain removal products.

Bathroom decoration have to see bathroom cabinet installation height knowledge
Bathroom cabinet installationheight

According to the installation method, bathroom cabinets are divided into wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and floor-standing bathroom cabinets, floor-standing bathroom cabinets mirror needs to be installed.

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Most of the most common standard size of the bathroom cabinet is long (generally including hanging cabinets) for 800mm ~ 1000mm, width (wall distance) for: 450mm ~ 500mm. due to the size of the bathroom is basically about the same, for the oversized bathroom cabinets and ultra-small bathroom cabinets on the market is not much, if you accept the customized, the aesthetics and the price is a big impact. If the bathroom cabinet is super small, can only put the basin, there is a wall-mounted porcelain basin, not only beautiful, and does not take up space, about 500mm long. Bathroom cabinet in addition to the commonly used standard size, long and 1200mm, general European and simple European bathroom cabinet size to be larger, because most of the side cabinets to be added, can reach 1600mm.

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General bathroom cabinet installation size is, the distance between the cabinet surface from the ground is 80mm ~ 85mm. mirror installation should be based on the owner’s height and habits, people stand in front, head in the middle of the mirror is most suitable.

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