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How should I mix and match my bathroom space?

The bathroom space in your home is often not very large, but it has a “top priority” feel to it. You’ll solve a lot of things in this small space, detoxing, bathing and dressing, reading the newspaper, I want to be quiet, thinking about life …… It seems more intimate and informal than any living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. That’s why it’s especially necessary to spend some effort and time to create a bathroom. We’ll look at decorating and equipping the bathroom space in your home today to give you some inspiration.
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When it comes to bathroom decoration, the walls and floors are an important part of the process. The laying of tiles can set the tone of a bathroom. Different coloured tiles, matt, frosted, with or without textured tile surfaces, the size of the tiles, the matching of different tiles in a space are all key to a clear style.
“Black, white and grey” is a common colour scheme for simple atmospheric bathroom spaces. But even the simpler white tiles can give a space a different tone depending on the size. Large white tiles look simple and atmospheric, small rectangular tiles are a little retro, and classic square white tiles can be fitted with a literary style.
Of course, the different styles are not only reflected in the use of one type of tile, but also in the matching between different models, such as the echo of black and white tiles, the use of black and white textures and so on.
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In addition to the use of tiles, the lighting will also brighten up the small space. Generally speaking, small spotlights are more commonly used. The lights are placed in different positions and in different shades of light to give the bathroom a different feel.
Beyond the lighting, another configuration that can add a little style to the bathroom is a pot of greenery. We have talked about the use of greenery in flats before, and it is the same for bathrooms. If it’s just ‘black, white and grey’, it’s simple and clean but lacks a cosy feel. A simple pot of greenery will give the space a very aerobic and lively feel. We will also feel soothed when we look at it.
Of course, the bathroom space, “bathing” is an important function. Therefore, a comfortable bathtub and an integral shower is a very necessary investment. Of course, it can also be a group of showers, all life, all character.
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Post time: Jun-26-2023