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In-depth observation:”Elegance as a product”, Shouya brings more than just the beauty of its products to distributors

On June 10, the 27th China International Kitchen and Sanitary Facilities Exhibition came to a successful conclusion at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Although the exhibition has ended, the many new products brought by Shouya Sanitary Ware, as well as the newly upgraded customisation system and service system, are still being talked about.
High value, high cost performance
As an explorer of new solid wood culture, Shouya has always been committed to combining solid wood with popular culture to provide users with high value, high quality and cost-effective solid wood bathroom furniture customisation.
At this year’s Shanghai show, Shouya bathroom brought as many as 26 new series of products. These products, from design to material to process have been innovated and upgraded, not only higher value, but also has a very high cost performance, in the exhibition shine, to many people brought a deep impression.For example, in addition to the traditional rock slabs and natural stones, other materials have also been added to the range, giving consumers more choices.

Full service, worry-free joining
In the era of customisation, as the front and back ends are more closely integrated, many links require the joint participation of the company and the dealer, and even the consumer. As a result, the relationship between dealers and enterprises is also closer, requiring enterprises to provide more services to ensure that the products are perfectly implemented.
In this regard, Shouya Bathroom is equally praised. In addition to the continuous upgrade of its custom software system and the use of a special online cloud showroom to attract traffic to the shops, it also provides a series of services such as team training, activity planning and cooperation guidance to enhance the operational capacity of the shops in all aspects, allowing dealers to join without worry.



Post time: Jun-17-2023