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Inventory era sinking market or blue ocean

“It is believed that the intelligent upgrade of the bathroom space has become an irreversible trend.” October 26, by the Chinese Household Electrical Appliances Association guidance, China Power Grid hosted the “wisdom – healing – enjoy the space 2023 China’s intelligent sanitary ware industry summit forum” was held in Foshan, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, vice president of Zhu Jun, said that, as a smart sanitary ware system in the core of the single product, intelligent toilet in the first two years of the epidemic in the context of a special , the industry continues to achieve more than ten million units of production for two consecutive years, which shows that the market is healthy and robust, the product has been recognized by a certain number of consumers, “I believe that the intelligent upgrading of the sanitary space has become an irreversible trend.”

At present, the changes in the real estate industry can not be ignored on the impact of the intelligent sanitary ware industry, the development of the real estate market such as fine decoration, for the intelligent sanitary ware industry has brought sufficient product demand. In this regard, AVC (AVC) home research director Zhou Fang mentioned that in 2022, Beijing and Shanghai were the first to enter the era of second-hand housing to lead the development of real estate, and the stock of housing has become the core driver to pull the growth of related industries, and in this context, the retail scale of the sanitary ware market in 2022 reached 678.4 billion yuan.

“Among them, the high tier level cities are more obviously driven by home decoration, the old house renovation leads the sanitary ware upgrade, and its consumers attach more importance to the integrated service content such as one-stop service and perfect customer service system, and standardization of the decoration process, and the attention rate of this is more than 30%.” Zhou Fang further analysis, said the omni-channel layout, full link empowerment, cross-border cooperation is the three modes of sanitary service integration, while the future upgrade of the sanitary market will follow the intelligent, segmented, symbolic progression development.

Bathroom space intelligence has become an indispensable part of life, so that people’s lifestyles and habits produce profound changes at the same time, but also gives people the realization of health, quality of life, high-quality protection and unlimited possibilities. CSHIA Intelligent Home Industry Alliance Secretary General Zhou Jun talked about the current industry has been moving towards the “intelligent life” stage. Zhou Jun, Secretary General of CSHIA Smart Home Industry Alliance, said that the current industry has moved towards the stage of “smart life”, which focuses on the interconnection of equipments with the residence as the carrier, and brings more convenient services to the users, and he emphasized that the connection itself has no value, and that the scene created behind the connection is the most core value, “In the technology iteration, the value of the cloud is more and more being embodied from the connection control to the AIot. In terms of user experience, from device management advanced to the scene service stage. The industry should be driven by the early guide to drive the market, and slowly form a group of users to drive the market, and realize the leap of technology and humanity.”

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that China’s urbanization rate reached 65.22% in 2022, leaving less than 15% space from the average level of 80% in developed economies, which means that the incremental market of the real estate industry will be significantly insufficient. “Against this background, the large home sector anchored in the stock market has just become a major trend.” Jiang Peng, partner & director of brand marketing center of Luban to home, pointed out that there are four major trends in the current consumer market, namely, the market concentration gradually deepens, the consumer choice to the head of the brand, the new scene is gradually unlocked, the inventory era of the sinking market will be the future of the most potential market, online channels continue to expand, the penetration of the large home e-commerce will accelerate the increase, the channel boundaries are broken, the sales radius of the enterprise gradually Expansion, “after-market services is the current common keywords of the large home retail terminal change, enterprise after-sales radius determines its sales radius, to be applied through digital means, so that the scene service nodes transparent and controllable.”

Throughout the development and evolution of the consumer market, consumers in the past emphasized the function of the product, and now pay more attention to the feelings and services that the product can bring. Intelligent sanitary products in the direction of functional innovation, product integration, integrated scene design and other in-depth exploration, so that it has become an important part of the upgrade of the bathroom space, giving the health of people living in a richer connotation.

Yuan Yongyi, brand director of Hengjie Group, said that Hengjie has launched intelligent toilet products suitable for different Chinese families from the perspective of consumers, and has created an era of intelligent toilet 3D washing with heart with breakthroughs in innovative constant-flow technology, AI wisdom guide cruise cleaning and high-efficiency full-area drying, and he further said that China’s intelligent sanitary ware market has unlimited potential, and its core product, the intelligent toilet, is moving from a “niche” to a “niche”. “niche” to “universal”, in addition, along with the transformation of mainstream consumer demand, bathroom space is no longer a simple functional space, the pursuit of sanitary products is not only cost-effective, but also began to pay attention to the texture, aesthetics, pleasing to the feelings of the pursuit. Pursuit.


Although the current quality of intelligent sanitary products upgrade intensified, but it is undeniable that the intelligent toilet as a representative of the sanitary products, has been in a low penetration rate, but the reuse rate is high in the “delicate” state. Good products can not only stay in the enterprise side, to form a wide range of knowledge in the sales side, the supply side of the hot burning to the consumer side, to realize the double growth of the supply and marketing ends, in order to make the industry healthy and orderly development.

In this regard, China’s national grid editor-in-chief Lv Shenghua said that the smart toilet is a heavy experience category, to let consumers know what value points the product can bring, so that they can access the product in more use scenes, silent feel the comfort of the product, “In addition, the willingness and ability to influence the final purchase of the two major factors. Although income fluctuations will affect purchases in the short term, in the long term, China’s economic outlook and the population’s consumption potential are steady upward. All relevant parties in the industry should actively promote consumers from awareness, recognition to subscription, and realize the continuous release of products from introduction to popularization, so that the market can enter a virtuous cycle.”

Gao Dianmei, director of the membership department of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said that hotels, office areas, pension institutions, monthly centers, physical therapy centers and other channels are very good penetration avenues, and in the process, solid products should be used to give the user a good experience, at the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of maintaining the product in the premises in terms of hygiene and so on, so that those who experience the use of the product after the use of the product to produce a trust, and are willing to recommend it to the people around them to use.

“To consider the diversity of Chinese consumers, the special needs of the sinking market and different requirements for the environment.” Lu Ruidong, director of Panasonic’s sanitary ware product group, said that it is only on the basis of these needs being fully satisfied that the penetration rate of the product can be further increased. Guillem Pages Pei Jie, General Manager of Roca Group China, mentioned that the industrial development and supply chain maturity of China’s intelligent toilet is very high, and that it is important to do a good job of controlling the quality of the product while the enterprise reduces costs and increases efficiency. Chen Liang, general manager of marketing center of Zhejiang Yihe Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd, believes that it is necessary to solve the pain points of the people who do not have power supply scenarios, those who will not use intelligent products, and those who have doubts about the degree of water cleanliness, so as to better solve the problem of market popularization from the basic level. Li Hao, product director of Haier WeiXi, said that enterprises can open up cooperation with home improvement companies and other front channels to introduce products to users and enhance the popularity rate, in addition to commercial channels, to realize the landing of products in more scenes.

Post time: Dec-16-2023