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New trends in bathroom design

Over the years, we have talked a lot about the topic of bathroom space decoration, a space that allows us to be “inspired”, “free”, and remove fatigue, not only in terms of layout, color, material and decoration, but also more in the spiritual dimension. So how to start from revitalization and sense of atmosphere to heal the tired, anxious and insecure modern people? Below is the dry goods of decoration to give you more inspirations~!

“Living” bathroom at the right time


Bathroom wet and dry separation design is still popular, the layout of the space is more flexible, decorative design is to try to blur the boundaries, the pursuit of visual unity with the rest of the interior space.

Replacement of the traditional single pursuit of storage function of the bathroom cabinet, changed to the use of wood support structure and ceramic base design combination, can be matched with a variety of sinks, but also extend the same small side table. The lightweight design of the living spatialization is in line with the trend of opening up the sink area.

The same type of ceramic tile is used to decorate the bedside of the bedroom and the floor of the sink area, making it easy to establish a connection between the two spaces and avoiding the sense of disjointedness and fragmentation.

Longing for traveling and looking forward to being close to nature. Natural elements can be added to the bathroom to simulate an outdoor atmosphere and create a fresh and cool feeling.

While enjoying the pleasure of showering, you should also think about saving water to reduce waste. Shower equipment using a recycling system, the sensor tests the water quality 20 times per second to recover the non-polluting water purified by filtration and ultraviolet light, and the amount of water saved is displayed through the intelligent meter.

The open wall frame allows all items to be seen at a glance, making it easy for us to access various bottles, cans and commonly used items. Hooks are installed under the frame to increase the storage space. Also the dividers can be adjusted according to your preference for more flexibility.

With only one side of glass for screening and the floor of the shower area flush with the rest of the area, walk-in showers with no sense of obstruction are becoming popular these days, and the boundaries between bathrooms and bedrooms are being eliminated.

This generation of young people’s consumer philosophy is quietly changing, rational shopping instead of blindly buy buy buy, high quality and their real need for products, is the superior choice. Bathroom storage has also begun to slim down, refusing to take up too much space for items.

When lifestyles begin to change, the bathroom is no longer a single space for washing and bathing, but gradually become a relaxation corner in life, soothing the body and mind. Even if you are in a busy moment, you can be healed by the beauty of these few hours.

Post time: Jan-12-2024