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The First 10 Months Of China’s Sanitary Ceramics Exports 4.694 Billion U.S. Dollars, A Year-On-Year Decline Of 35.10 Percent

The cumulative output of national sanitary ceramics from January to October 2023 was 3.4% lower than the same month last year. The country’s main producing areas shower door sales of more than 33 billion yuan, the main producing areas bathroom cabinet marketing revenue of about 72 billion yuan, intelligent toilet sales revenue of about 28 billion yuan. At the same time, overseas export data is not optimistic, the first 10 months of China’s sanitary ceramics exports 4.694 billion U.S. dollars, down 35.10% year-on-year

Guangdong 25 sanitary ware enterprises to enter the specialized speciality new small and medium-sized enterprises library, 5 through the review

December 12, Guangdong Province, 2023 Specialized Specialized New Small and Medium Enterprises and 2020 expiry review through the enterprise list publicity, a total of 6391 enterprises through the audit, of which, declared 2023 Specialized Specialized Specialized New Small and Medium Enterprises 5945, expiry of the 2020 review of 446 enterprises. Sanitary ware industry, 25 sanitary ware enterprises to be included in the list of newly declared specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises, 5 sanitary ware enterprises through the review.

2023 Zhongshan Shower Room Installation and Commissioning Competition was concluded perfectly. on December 9 and 10, the preliminary and final rounds of the “Xiangshan Craftsman Cup” 2023 Zhongshan Shower Room Installation and Commissioning Competition of the Third Vocational Skills Competition of Zhongshan City organized by the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Zhongshan City, Zhongshan City General Union of Trade Unions, and the People’s Government of Fusha Town were contested. and the final competition. This competition to “craftsmanship Xiangshan, technology to create the future” as the theme, aims to further play the industry competition to promote talent training, promote the important role of industry transformation, for the Zhongshan shower industry to a new level by injecting new kinetic energy.

Zhushan County and 15 sanitary ware enterprises and organizations signed a total investment of 11.63 billion yuan

The morning of December 7, in Hubei (Zhushan) sanitary ware exposition held on the strategic cooperation agreement and investment agreement signing ceremony, Zhushan County successfully signed an investment agreement with 15 enterprises, the estimated total investment of 11.63 billion yuan. The signing ceremony site, Zhushan County and the State Inspection Group Northwest Operations Center, China Silicate Institute of Building and Sanitary Porcelain Professional Committee and other 5 institutions and enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement; with the gold medal sanitary ware, Huayi sanitary ware and other 10 enterprises signed investment investment agreement.

Fujian 3 sanitary enterprises and 4 projects shortlisted for provincial intelligent manufacturing excellent scene and demonstration factory

On December 5, Fujian Province 2023 intelligent manufacturing excellent scene and demonstration factory project list publicized. Intelligent manufacturing excellent scene, there are Xiamen Ruilt Sanitary Ware Technology Co., Ltd. of “lean production management” and Jiu Mu Kitchen & Bath Co. Ltd. “production plan optimization”, “network collaborative manufacturing” 3 projects on the list; demonstration factories, Fujian Liang porcelain science and technology limited company’s “5G ceramic intelligent factory” on the list. (Ltd. “5G Ceramic Intelligent Factory” on the list.)

“Bathroom” has become a popular trend in the home

According to a major new report, the rise of spa bathrooms, or “bathrooms” accompanied by the use of metal materials, sustainable solutions, and “re-commercial” design is one of the latest trends in home design. The boundaries between home, work and play are “blurring further”, leading to the rise of “re-commercial” design in commercial and residential spaces. When asked what elements people would most like to see incorporated into a resort or hotel, homeowners and design professionals alike cite spa-inspired bathrooms and indoor and outdoor terraces as their top choices.

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2024 German Design Award Announced, Jiu Mu, Wrigley, Oransa and Others Won

The first international design award with the year “2024″ was announced. 2024 German Design Award recently publicized the full list of winners, this year there are more than 50 sanitary ware products won the award, most of the award-winning enterprises from Europe, but there are also many Asian companies won the award, including Jiu Mu, Wrigley, Oransa, Ine and so on. The German Design Award was established in 1953 by the German Design Council at the initiative of the German Bundestag, aiming to create added value for brands through design, and has become one of the globally recognized international design awards.

Asia-Pacific to Contribute 40% to Global Showerheads and Systems Market Growth

The showerheads and systems market size is expected to grow at USD 696.24 million between 2023 and 2027, at a CAGR of 3.45%. Asia Pacific is expected to contribute 40% to the growth of the global showerheads and systems market during the forecast period. Asia Pacific is a significant contributor to the growth of the showerheads and systems market, showing emerging demand for modern bathroom fixtures. Factors such as urbanization, water conservation awareness and attractiveness of smart shower systems are driving the market forward.

North American bathroom market sales volume CAGR of 3.14 percent

According to Triton Market Research, the North American sanitary ware market is expected to grow significantly, with revenue projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.51% and volume at a CAGR of 3.14% during the period 2022 to 2028. This optimistic forecast indicates the growing demand for sanitary ware products. Faucets, in particular, are expected to be a significant part of the sanitaryware market, reflecting the importance of aesthetics and functionality in modern bathroom design. (Pottery Essentials)

Turkish sanitary ceramics sales to reach $3.8 billion by 2022

Turkey is the largest producer and exporter of sanitary ceramics in Europe.Turkey’s annual production of sanitary ceramics in 2022 was about 25.34 million pieces, an increase of 28.57%, accounting for about 10% of the world’s total production; exports were 3.39 million pieces, a decline of 1%. Influenced by macro factors, production fell by 18.44% in 2018. By 2021 exports began to recover, up 26% year-on-year, by which sales doubled to $3.8 billion in 2022. (Hardware & Building Materials Circle)

Bangladesh’s exports of sanitary ware, ceramics and other products grow 4.91% in FY2023

According to Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau (BEPB), exports of ceramic products (tiles, tableware and sanitary ware) grew by 4.91 percent year-on-year in 2022-2023; 32.95 percent in 2021-2022; and 11.23 percent in 2020-2021. Local ceramics manufacturers mainly produce three types of products: tiles, tableware and sanitary ware, and of the 68 manufacturers currently in operation, 20 produce tableware, 32 produce tiles and the rest produce sanitary ware. 

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Jianlin Furniture spends 500 million dollars to build a large health industrial park

On December 12, Jianlin Home announced that the company intends to use not more than 500 million yuan of its own or self-financed funds to invest in the construction of Xiamen Jianlin Healthy Home Health Industrial Park project, focusing on the development and production of water purification, health care, intelligent toilet and other healthy home products. The successful implementation of the project is conducive to the realization of the extension and expansion of the industrial field, promote the industrialization of the company’s existing health products, improve the company’s overall profitability, and achieve sustainable development of the company.

Hai-O Sumiko establishes two additional manufacturing bases in Vietnam to stabilize orders.

Seagull Housing recently accepted investor research, said in manufacturing services, the company in addition to the original seven domestic manufacturing base, the layout of the additional layout in Vietnam Cosmos Nai and Batiatou Touton two manufacturing bases, in order to meet the sanitary ware brand customers in China +1 supply chain decentralization requirements to stabilize the order; Cosmos Nai the original main business of the Vietnamese ceramic tile brand, will increase the kitchen and bathroom products, through the sales of the seven branches of the Cosmos Nai expanding the market.

Wrigley Homes obtains patents for garbage disposal and washbasin

December 6, according to the State Intellectual Property Office announcement, Wrigley Home Furnishings Group Co., Ltd. has obtained a patent titled “garbage disposal and washbasin”, Authorized Publication No. CN220133027U, with an application date of May 2023, according to the announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office. According to the abstract of the patent, the utility model discloses a garbage disposal and a washbasin. The structure is designed to prevent the user’s hand from reaching into the grinding chamber when in use, improving the safety of the garbage disposal when in use.

Huayi Sanitary Ware transfers 49% equity interest in Komapu Plumbing & Heating Equipment to Deng Huanrong

Recently, Guangdong Huayi Sanitary Ware Industry Co., Ltd. transferred 49% equity interest in Comapo (Jiangmen) Plumbing and Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. to Deng Huanrong. Prior to the shareholding change, Kemap Piping Heating Equipment was 100% owned by Huayi Sanitary Ware; after the shareholding change, Kemap Piping Heating Equipment was 51% owned by Huayi Sanitary Ware and 49% owned by Deng Huanrong. Comapu pipeline heating equipment was established in December 2005, the registered capital of 39,119,800 yuan, the legal representative of Feng Yu Xian. (House of building materials)

Mansfield Plumbing USA to close a toilet and sink plant

A few days ago, Mansfield Plumbing announced that it will close its Perrysville plant, which produces toilets and sinks, on December 31st of this year. It is reported that 277 employees of the company will be affected by this closure of the plant. The company said it will provide transition packages to affected employees, including severance and health insurance, based on time and seniority with the company. It also plans to provide job placement assistance to help employees find new jobs.

Villeroy & Boch celebrates 275th anniversary with faucet collection

To help provide a comprehensive range of products for the whole bathroom and to celebrate the brand’s 275th anniversary, Villeroy & Boch has developed its own range of faucet fittings. A total of 12 faucet collections will be launched, ranging from the entry-level Newo Collection to the luxurious Mettlach Collection. The ceramics, bathroom and wellness brand says all of the new faucet products are technically compatible with its existing line of ceramics, furniture, bathtubs and shower trays. (Kitchen & Bath Info)

LIXIL net profit plunges 94.2% to 276 million yen in H1

According to the “Nikkei News” reported on December 10, Japan bathroom giant LIXIL group Lixil revenue by rising interest rates brought about by multiple difficulties. The first half of the enterprise’s fiscal year, that is, from April to September this year, LIXIL’s net profit fell to a five-year low, and the stock price also continued to decline. Lixil’s net profit for the first half of the year was 276 million yen (about 13.61 million yuan), down 94.2 percent year-on-year, while revenue was 732.2 billion (about 36.1 billion yuan), up 1 percent year-on-year, according to the enterprise’s financial report. (77 Degrees)

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Also Read: Recently, China Hardware Products Association Sanitary Ware Branch Seminar was held in Heshan, Guangdong Province. The meeting analyzed the current international and domestic situation and the development prospects of the sanitary ware industry, agreed that China’s sanitary ware industry is in a critical stage of rapid change and development.

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