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The origins of the bathroom cabinet

The predecessor of the bathroom cabinet is the tool for washing. In ancient times, most stoneware, wood, porcelain and bronze vessels were used as a tool for washing. Although the shape was varied, the function was single and relatively bulky, and this kind of washing up utensil was the origin of the bathroom cabinet. During the Ming Dynasty, when furniture was made by hand, wooden bathroom cabinets began to appear, used to place washbasins and towels and other everyday toiletries, known at the time as ‘bathing racks’. Bathroom cabinets really came into people’s lives in the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, the European aristocracy and the upper classes began to combine some of the functions of furniture and basins together, but also to add some practical features such as mirrors, modern bathroom cabinets at this time, began its real development. Although the development of modern bathroom cabinets is relatively short, they have undergone many changes in the use of materials, from the initial glass basin bathroom cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinets, to today’s PVC or solid wood bathroom cabinets. The glass basin bathroom cabinet was born in the 1990s, when people’s living standards improved significantly, in order to beautify the bathroom. However, with long use, its drawbacks gradually emerged, scratches could not be eliminated, the aesthetics of the product was greatly reduced, it was not resistant to high temperatures, and hot water poured into the basin in areas where the temperature difference was too great often led to breakage. After the glass bathroom cabinet, a stainless steel style bathroom cabinet was introduced. It has the advantage that it is more durable and can resist moisture and prevent rust and mould. The single colour and style aspect was its downfall and one of the reasons why it remained unsung.

Later, with the modern quest for cleanliness and aesthetics, bathroom cabinets evolved into solid wood. Not only did the aesthetics improve, but more functional designs were added, such as the addition of drawers and partitions to enhance the storage function. In addition, ceramic basins are heat resistant, avoiding the problem of high temperature breakage. For the modern man, a good bathroom cabinet clears away the clutter in the bathroom and gives you a heart-stopping sense of tidiness when you push open the door. A good bathroom cabinet comes with an oversized and practical basin to make your life convenient. A bathroom cabinet like this is as far as the eye can see. With its large space design and adjustable height feet, the Naive bathroom cabinet from the Inai Ei collection will make your life simple and tidy; the large basin area will not only make it easier to store things, but also to wash up in the morning. Each generation of bathroom cabinets represents a change in the pursuit of human care and the pursuit of the bathroom. The modern bathroom is not only a place to hide dirt and grime, but also a private space where people can truly enjoy their lives.promote03

Post time: Jan-29-2023