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Cheap price high quality bathroom vanity with mirror and storage space hotel bathroom cabinets

Short Description:

1.Simple and light luxury bathroom cabinet, with seamless wash basin, large and deep enough basin design floor no longer wet

2.More storage space than you believe, no longer afraid of clutter and bother

Product Detail

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1.Simple pure color without loss of advanced bathroom cabinet

2.Bathroom cabinet with seamless wash basin and LED mirror 

3.Ceramic integrated basin, seamless basin easy to clean, not easy to mold, not easy to hide dirt

Modern hipster, enjoy the quality of life, light luxury stainless steel bathroom cabinet, quiet, gentle, soft beauty, present the most tasteful luxury, ignore the size of the house restrictions, multiple sizes you choose, thickened stainless steel, waterproof and moisture-proof, high-quality plate, adapt to the wet environment, do not rise and deformation, durable, simulation wood grain feel, simple and more natural, Let me help you share 80% of the items in the bathroom, mirror cabinet and main cabinet storage ultra-high practical, open space, neat discharge, orderly storage, cosmetics storage rack, hidden in the internal functions, female friends in daily life can put their own cosmetics, skin care products in it, both practical and beautiful high appearance level ceramic table, selected from Guangdong high quality clay, High temperature firing, basin body firm dense, durable, smooth surface glaze, not easy to hang dirt, easy to clean, save time and effort, water storage, no splashing, wear resistance and scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, no penetration. Hidden handle, minimalist design, hidden handle, simple cabinet, cabinet in the corner of the circular design, no need to worry about bump design, children more safe. Parents are more at ease. No copper environmental protection HD float silver mirror, mirror image three-dimensional real, float processing technology, not easy to oxidation off, every good morning show the most beautiful you. Hanging cabinet installation, waterproof, moisture-proof, refuse to water immersion, the following empty cabinet is the moisture on the ground to be diffused, reduce moisture intrusion and prolong the service life at the same time can place items. Cabinet doors use buffer hinges, close the door without clamping hand, push and pull smooth, not disturbing, durable, quiet smooth, silent guide rail, high hardness, bearing performance, refuse to rust, refuse to corrosion, use for a longer time. Different housing types have different choices

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