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Hot selling wholesale bathroom vanity with LED mirror and seamless basin floating hotel bathroom cabinets

Short Description:

1.Simple and light luxury bathroom cabinet, with seamless wash basin, large and deep enough basin design floor no longer wet

2.More storage space than you believe, no longer afraid of clutter and bother

Product Detail

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1.Simple pure color without loss of advanced bathroom cabinet

2.Bathroom cabinet with seamless wash basin and LED mirror

3.Ceramic integrated basin, seamless basin easy to clean, not easy to mold, not easy to hide dirt

Simple and light luxury bathroom cabinet, hanging simple stainless steel bathroom cabinet, milk yellow appearance, simple and fresh, stainless steel bathroom cabinet, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-rust, anti-mildew, antibacterial and scratch resistant, durable, care for the health of you and your family, formaldehyde-free process, do not let formaldehyde affect your life, nano glazed integrated ceramic basin, smooth and easy to clean, high-quality stainless steel to create the main cabinet body, Solid filling. Exquisite storage space, clean bathroom, easy to have, more than simple storage, treasure box bathroom cabinet, space planning to make the best use of things, and strive to create a comfortable life style, can be the spare detergent, toiletries into a large capacity locker, skin care products can be placed on the table, each in its place, convenient storage and access, nano glazed high temperature ceramics, hard texture, scratch resistant, wear resistant, Three times harder than marble, scratch scratch not flower, super deep sink, block the edge, wash more convenient. 304 stainless steel damping type hinge, silent opening and closing, more durable, long wet environment is not easy to rust, thickened stainless steel, not afraid of moisture, over time as new, stainless steel plate waterproof and moisture-proof performance, in the wet bathroom environment for a long time without deformation, longer service life, each opening and closing quiet comfortable, durable quality can stand the test of time. Dark door design, door opening experience is more comfortable, traditional doorknob easy bump, internal buckle door processing, cabinet more concise. Hd float silver mirror, clearly illuminate your beauty, mirror image clear natural real, open new vision, lighting configuration, immediately turn into beauty makeup space. Choose the gentle color tone, can present the soft waxy light texture in the light, reveals the elegant and quiet space charm, to meet your different style needs. Upper and lower double cabinet, built-in large capacity storage space, clean bathroom, easy to own

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