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High Grade bathroom vanity set bathroom storage cabinet with LED bathroom mirror stainless steel bathroom cabinet

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The new era of light luxury and simple smart bathroom cabinet, the real material is high appearance level and high quality.

Environmentally friendly and durable stainless steel, zero formaldehyde is more assured, stronger stability, long-term use will not be deformed because of wet environment.

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Ceramic basin is fired at high temperature, the glaze is smooth and bright white, the stain is not easy to adhere, wipe gently with a rag, immediately white, stain resistance and easy to clean, impact resistance, scratch resistance, hard objects cut the table, will not leave traces. Widen and deepen the inner basin space to prevent daily washing from splashing wet clothes, the countertop water barrier design, visible height, the bathroom floor is no longer wet. The new flat edge basin design is more reasonable, without affecting the washing, at the same time, there is a certain storage space on both sides of the table, the practical area is large, the table is simple. 


Footless bathroom cabinet, sanitary dead corner cleaning effortless, bottom hanging design, dust is not easy to accumulate, cleaning more effortless. Mirror cabinet under the main cabinet storage, classification storage bathroom in good order, storage partition. Dry and wet separation of the main cabinet, keep dry, anti-mold, enrich space, easy storage of laundry detergent, roll paper and other common bathroom supplies.


The bathroom cabinet uses zero formaldehyde stainless steel material, which is more assured. The stainless steel material is waterproof, moisture-proof, antibacterial and corrosion-resistant, and the structure is more stable and the service life is longer. Integrated ceramic basin, surface antibacterial and non-yellow, countertop and basin seamless design, beautiful not afraid of dirt, humanized safety overflow hole design, overflow protection, fashion unique basin type, so that water has no way to go, the countertop is surrounded by water protection edge design, farewell to the bathroom wet problem. Light luxury black inner buckle handle, remove door handle, anti-bump, dark pull safer, no longer worry about the external handle accidentally hung on the clothing. Selected hardware accessories, silent opening and closing, quiet no noise, silent buffer hinge, play a safety buffer function, durable, open the door is no different. Intelligent mirror cabinet, intelligent one-button control LED soft light lighting and one-button control fog removal function. To complex and simple, warm and elegant LED atmosphere light, smart soft light belt, with mirror cabinet atmosphere light, beautiful atmosphere, clear imaging, far without deformation. Do not be afraid of water mist condensation after taking a bath, defogging function, one-key efficient defogging, no need to wave the mirror, mirror electric heating defogging technology, quickly take away the residual moisture of the mirror, always keep the mirror clear, and return you a bright and clean mirror.

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