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Hot sale cheap price hotel bathroom vanity stainless steel bathroom cabinet furniture with sinks and mirror

Short Description:

1. Light luxury ceramic integrated basin bathroom cabinet, minimalist design, bring you a different bathroom experience.

2. Wall-hanging bathroom cabinet does not take up space, waterproof and moisture-proof easy to clean.

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Cabinet selection stainless steel, zero formaldehyde, safe raw materials to create a healthy life. High quality material can resist water vapor, stainless steel waterproof and moisture-proof does not rust, anti-oil and anti-fouling, sun and rain does not mold does not crack, the whole stainless steel material, stable structure, not easy to deformation, strong, thick and durable.


LED soft light smart mirror cabinet, HD silver mirror, clear imaging, explosion-proof peace of mind, soft light does not hurt the eyes, both storage and lighting. Diversified storage space, comprehensive mirror cabinet, closed storage area, effective dust prevention.


Anti-fouling arc thickened and deepened integrated ceramic basin, seamless design surface is smoother and easier to clean, giving the use experience of beautiful visual enjoyment of space. Smooth glaze, low water absorption, stain a wash is clean, long use does not yellow, full ceramic, delicate and smooth touch, wide basin deepens the inner liner, large capacity is not easy to splash water, wash more calmly. High appearance level ceramic countertop, both practical and beautiful, ceramic countertop scratch resistance, durable impact resistance, dirt resistance and easy to clean, environmental health. Fashion unique basin type, with super three-dimensional water blocking edge, all-round anti-splash, prevent water seepage. All-round anti-overflow arc design, the front water to prevent the user's clothes from being splashed wet, the back water to prevent the wall from being soaked by water, and the side water to prevent water from leaking to the ground, which can effectively keep the ground dry and reduce the security risks in the bathroom. The handleless design is safe and beautiful, and the overall shape is simple and can effectively prevent children from colliding. Stainless steel cushioned silent door hinge, longer service life, soft and noiseless opening and closing. The main locker is large enough to easily hold stock, large items such as laundry detergent, towels and body wash. Wall-mounted design can save space and easily clean the bottom of the cabinet, waterproof and moisture-proof, reduce moisture intrusion and extend service life while placing items. Popular bathroom cabinet, modern shape, simple atmosphere, never get tired of seeing, easy to match, there are a variety of sizes, can meet the needs of hotels, apartments, families and other different units.

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