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Light luxury high texture rock slate bathroom vanity with LED mirror hotel column basin bathroom cabinets

Short Description:

1.Simple and light luxury bathroom cabinet, with seamless wash basin, large and deep enough basin design floor no longer wet

2.More storage space than you believe, no longer afraid of clutter and bother

Product Detail

Product Tags


1.Simple pure color without loss of advanced bathroom cabinet

2.Bathroom cabinet with seamless wash basin and LED mirror

3.Ceramic integrated basin, seamless basin easy to clean, not easy to mold, not easy to hide dirt

Light luxury rock plate texture, northern European wind column basin, no formaldehyde, no odor, pregnancy and infant grade material standards, rock plate can be arbitrarily cut, free combination, strong customization, is widely used by many users in the pursuit of high-quality aesthetics of life. Fashionable senior everything, not because of the decoration style limited, classic color matching, meet the full fantasy of the bathroom, practicality and high appearance level coexist, with water retaining edge, hidden slope drainage, one key hidden drainage, can not see the water device oh! The shape is relatively more simple, a button press drainage, not wet hands, high density, no dirt and dirt easy to clean. Casual chic design, easy style, craftsman's craft bold, creative environmental protection material selection, deduce refined and refined products, extreme simple style as the basis, abandon some such as European style, French style and other complex elements, with more simple, tough line instead. Rock plate quality, after 1200 high temperature forging, anti-freeze sunscreen, wear and durable, even if the tool scraping back and forth, will not leave scratches, do not fade and deformation, acid and alkali resistance, stain resistance, durable, classic stone, more anti-skid, high temperature and high permeability underglaze color throwing glaze. Single layer, humanized design, more storage space, easy to take and put, save space. Deepen the table basin, washing, laundry, pet washing are not a word, multi color multi optional, with different decoration styles, can be customized to refuse the same, personal preferences by their own control. Farewell to the traditional coating and coating more durable, Mohs seven hardness, anti-aging scratch resistance, more clean and easier to clean. There are matte and bright, low-key texture, more comfortable use, seamless rock plate, no health dead Angle, smooth surface, processing precision determines the quality of the finished product, can achieve seamless, new upgraded rock plate quality, more durable.



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