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Factory wholesale plywood bathroom vanity with ceramic basin and body sensor LED mirror cabinet

Short Description:

1.  Arc shaped safety cabinet feet, smooth edges and corners, silky lines, and soft curves give a novel visual experience, also adding a sense of design and giving a soft visual effect

2. Free-painting process, environmentally friendly and healthy

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The simple white multi-layer solid wood free-painting board is durable and environmentally friendly. The multi-layer solid wood free-painting process can reduce formaldehyde, which is environmentally friendly no smell. Give you a healthy living environment. The edge sealing design of the board prevents moisture from entering, achieving waterproof effect, upgrading waterproof, and fearless of moisture. More durable. Simple white multi-layer solid wood board drawers paired with black glass cabinet doors for a more modern aesthetic  

The new ceramic integrated basin has a delicate and smooth surface, which is not easy to stain or hang stains, and is easy to clean. High temperature firing, less prone to cracking, more durable. LED soft light strip, human sensing, no need to touch, close to automatic lighting, with atmosphere light strip embedded in the mirror cabinet, comprehensive mirror with black glass door design, beautiful and atmospheric.

Intelligent mirror cabinet, one click to turn on the soft light, clearly restoring your beauty, one click intelligent defogging, solving the problem of foggy mirror surface after taking a shower. Large mirror high-definition imaging, soft and uniform LED lighting, convenient for daily washing and makeup. Large storage space, reasonably partitioned throughout the cabinet, divided into hidden and open storage areas, fully accommodating various high and low bottle cosmetics and daily necessities, meeting the storage needs of the whole family's character products. Close the cabinet door to prevent dust and moisture. Wall mounted installation, with a clean and convenient bottom, while increasing the storage space in the bathroom. You can place larger items such as pots or small stools to make your bathroom look not messy. The soft-closing hinge can reduce noise and effectively protect the cabinet, providing you with a quiet and comfortable living environment. Reducing noise can improve the quality of life of residents and the sleep quality of cohabitants.



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